Household Oxygen Chamber


The emergence of the micro pressure oxygen chamber has popularized oxygen health care to every family, so that everyone can enjoy the magical micro-hyperbaric oxygen therapy.Experts from many medical institutions have also issued recognitions on the effects of micro-pressure oxygen chamber rehabilitation physiotherapy on different occasions.The micro-hyperbaric oxygen chamber uses a closed and safe pressure vessel to allow the recovering person to inhale high-concentration oxygen at a pressure (micro-high pressure) slightly exceeding one standard atmospheric pressure, thereby playing a role in health care and rehabilitation for certain people or diseases.

Applicable people

Disease patients: patients with high blood sugar, high blood fat, high blood pressure, insomnia, gout, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, altitude disease, lung and bronchi and other diseases, have respiratory dysfunction or hypoxia caused by insufficient blood supply.

Insomniac: falling asleep difficult, low sleep quality, and short sleep time.

Drunk people: Excessive drinking can cause alcoholism and damage the nervous system and liver.

Women: Beauty women who have sensitive skin, eczema, dullness, poor resistance, and need to improve internal circulation.

Obese people: Those who are obese and have more fat accumulation.

Young people: study or work under high pressure, high intensity, long-term mental or physical work, which consumes a lot of physical functions.

Middle-aged and elderly people: Deterioration of physiological functions, lack of blood and oxygen supply, and weak physical fitness.

Specific groups: high altitude activities, student exams, athlete training competitions, pilot training, individual combat capabilities, etc. are in special environments or have special uses.

Application place

Mainly used in the sports industry (sports centers, project clubs, fitness chain institutions, etc.), medical industry (rehabilitation centers of major and medium-sized hospitals), tourism industry (tourist attractions), health care industry (sanatoriums, beauty salons, health preservation Pavilions, yoga studios, etc.), plateaus (plateau guarantees, plateau camps and plateau enterprises, large hotels, etc.), others (communities, individual families, shopping malls and office buildings, etc. lunch break venues).