Single seated steel chamber

Single seated steel chamber

Product features:

Easy to transport and assemble

The chamber body adopts a modular design concept and is light in weight. Users can assemble and customize their own product size like building blocks.

Simple operation and high safety

One-button start; after the treatment is completed, the chamber door opens automatically, and it will prompt users to exit the chamber.

Smart product , humanized design

The product is equipped with touch screens, temperature and humidity sensors, speakers, etc. in chamber, and set pressure sensors, oxygen concentration sensors, solenoid valves, etc. outside the chamber, there is a control cabinet outside the chamber, and the cabinet is equipped with touch screens, air compressors, controllers, and voice announcer, etc.

Technical index

1.Max. working pressure: 0.03MPa

2.Chamber specification:1850*1100*2100mm

3.Seating capacity: 1 person

4.Chamber leakage rate: ≤15%/h

5.Pressurizing medium: Air

6.Oxygen concentration in the chamber: ≤23%

7.Relative humidity: ≤80%

8.Equipment pressurizing time: ≤10min

9.Preheating time for oxygen generator: ≤30min

10.Power supply: 220V 50Hz

11.Working environment temperature: 0℃~+30℃

12.Noise in chamber: ≤65dB

13.Control method:

Automatic control: PLC automatic control

Manual control: manual control valve inside and outside the chamber(for emergency)

Control cabinet